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With Tanya Wyatt


With Tanya Wyatt

I’m 51 and I love my body. You can love your body again too. No starving, over-exercising or dieting.

Together we’ll give your body exactly what it needs to be at its peak again. Whether you’ve a health issue, high stress levels, you’ve been yo-yo dieting for years, or have some other issue holding you back, if you want your best body ever – in looks and health – you’re at the right place.

Let me motivate, guide and support you on a unique journey while you discover – through movement, nourishment and mindfulness – how to look, feel and think your best again. We’ll have you bouncing out of bed faster than you can yell, “Get me my coffee!”


I’m not into hard-core, sweat-till-you-drop exercise routines. In fact, I happen to think that regular daily movement is more useful than exercise alone. Once you get that right, find an activity you love and then repeat freely. For me it’s pole sport, but maybe line dancing, extreme ironing, or stand-up knitting floats your boat.


Nourishment is about everything you expose your body to on a regular basis, since these things impact the expression of your state of health. Nourishment goes beyond food and includes issues relating to sleep, breathing, grounding, sunlight, electromagnetic radiation and day-to-day pollutants.


Do you believe your worth is dictated by the shape of your body? You’re wrong, but you’re not alone. The two have nothing to do with each other, yet we’ve convinced ourselves they’re one and the same. It’s time you learnt to love yourself independently of your body and to recognise that your daily thoughts can either support or sabotage your health. 

Put in the work

Let’s Do This

This process won’t be easy. I won’t tell you what, when or how much to eat; I won’t sell you a handy meal replacement, and I won’t suggest you don’t have to be physically active. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to help you achieve your best body yet. Your body’s unique – you’re unique.

We’re going to use this to your advantage, but you’ll have to give up the idea of dieting (“perfection” eating), of having a perfect body next month, and of quick fixes and magic solutions. Instead, the work we do together will ensure that when you achieve your best body ever, it’s there for life!

The Happy Body - Tanya Wyatt in shape

Why Train With Me

My Unique Approach

For me, strength training (whether using bodyweight or external resistance) is the best form of exercise anyone can do. It’s how you’ll change your body shape, remain strong for everyday movement, offset poor posture, and stay young (the health benefits are extraordinary). I can also help with your goals around flexibility,  or mobility, if that’s where your interest lies. Whether online or in person, my very thoughtful approach to physical training means that your progress is slow and steady, with a focus on efficiency. I abide by the scientific principles that govern training so that every move you make, every step you take (every cake you bake?)  is a move towards achieving your goal. If you’re willing to give me your time, I’m going to make damn sure it’s worth your while!

The Happy Body - Tanya Wyatt hoodie

choose your body

Is it a beach volleyball player’s body – toned, muscular and strong? Or is it a marathon runner’s body – thin and sinewy with low levels of muscle mass? Your answer to this question will determine what your programme looks like, so be sure to give your goal some weighty (s’cuse the pun) thought before going out there and spending time and energy achieving it.


Training with good form is the best way to avoid injuries, and to give you your best outcome in every exercise. It also ensures that you build a strong ‘engine’ (a fully engaged and effective stabilising core and trunk). Once this has power, you can focus on your ‘chasis’ (the limbs). No sleek and sexy sports car ever existed without a potent engine! 


For me, exercise should mimic everyday movement. Is there ever a time where you keep your body completely still while you use a limb to do something in isolation? Even opening a jar will require more than just the arm or hand muscles. Developing functional strength will make you better able to handle your daily movement requirements 

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Tanya is the only practitioner I know with a true appreciation of the female body and how a woman’s needs are different. Following her assessment I adopted a keto carb-cycling eating plan that had a rapid impact on energy levels. I then decided to go for a full overhaul, and integrate my nutrition with training. Having experienced a few trainers over the year, I was looking for something completely different and that’s exactly what I got! Tanya went above and beyond to understand every aspect of my body from a functional perspective, as well as what was driving my goals. She explained the difference in muscle fibre types and how different methods of training will impact on these (and, consequently, help or hinder me). Tanya combined a bespoke, personalised programme underpinned by science and physics, of which she has incredible expertise and knowledge. The results speak for themselves! If you’re looking for an expert in optimising wellbeing through healthy living, eating and exercise, and a unique, fun, and positive coach with a great sense of humour, I recommend Tanya. 

Suzanne Fowler – London, England

I made an appointment with Tanya, thinking it would be yet another failed attempt at regaining health and energy. Suffice to say that after my first ten minutes with her, I realised I was interacting with a person deeply tuned in, intuitive, vastly knowledgeable, and compassionate. She never put me on a scale, or asked my weight. Rather, she dealt with my lifestyle, chemical make-up, energy levels, and body’s wisdom. She is an individual who cares, and who asks the right questions. Working with Tanya over a period of six weeks changed my life and my approach to food. I emerged with renewed energy, a brighter light in my eyes, a clearer complexion, and oh, I lost 9kgs! Tanya makes sense of the complicated world of diets and food. She simplifies it, she makes it easy, and she makes a huge difference.

Sandy Coffey – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tanya’s holistic approach to the body and health immediately resonated with me. She is professional and passionate about what she does and her knowledge of the body is astounding. Her eye for detail ensures that we master the technique of each exercise 100% before all else. I joined a strong, established class, which could have been intimidating, but instead it’s proven to be inspiring and motivational due to Tanya’s efforts. She has spent individual time with me to make sure my brain and body are in sync, and I’m working at the right pace and weight for my own body. She shares her opinions and insights in a direct and constructive manner, while still showing compassion and respect for each individual in the class. 

I soon started seeing Tanya for nutrition coaching too. This is where things really shifted for me. I was very impressed once again with her knowledge and approach and I have, as a result, made important changes to my eating habits. Two months down the line, I’m in control of my lifestyle (rather than it controlling me) and am seeing results that are rewarding and sustainable. No diets! I’m working towards a happier body. Never again will ‘okay’ be enough. Thank you Tanya!

Susan McGoldrick – Ireland

The first time I saw Tanya’s picture, I did a double-take. It was all the encouragement I needed to jump start my physical transformation! I’ve been an avid runner and cyclist for a couple of years, but have been feeling despondent lately due to niggling injuries and a general feeling of “getting older”. Session one consisted of a thorough evaluation. Tanya is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve EVER met when it comes to the human body (incorporating healthy nutrition and good self-image too). One can’t help but be excited and motivated by the tangible passion and joy she exudes when teaching.

The most amazing thing was that Tanya NEVER ever asked me to climb onto a scale. The focus wasn’t about how much I weighed, but about how I perceived my body, and how I nurtured it. This was REAL stuff – no empty promises; just a genuine approach to helping me obtain my goals. I’ve been with Tanya for three months now, training three times a week and I’ve never felt better. I’m stronger and more energised (I think I’m stronger now than I was in my twenties)! My injuries have disappeared and I’m running and cycling again. My body has been transformed into a leaner, stronger one and I look forward to every training session with Tanya. I invested in myself by approaching Tanya and I’m deliriously happy with my “returns”. Thank you T, for turning my dreams into a reality and for being real, yet down-to earth and inspiring. A VERY happy client.

Claudia Parker – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Next year I turn 40. So this year it’s my mission to become the best 40 year-old I can be. Tanya was recommended to me for her nutritional knowledge, but once I found her website and read her biography, I booked myself in to try her exercise classes. Have you seen what she looks like?! I have three young kids and before starting with Tanya I was exhausted. I never had enough time for anything, especially exercise, and survived the day on coffee and comfort food. So I started the first class very apprehensively, but eager to make a change. Would I enjoy it? Would I be able to keep up? 

I shouldn’t have worried. From the very first class my experience has been a positive one. Tanya is completely committed to every person she coaches, regardless of age or ability. Her knowledge of the how’s and why’s of the body is exceptional, and one can’t help but be reassured by her calm teaching manner. I’ve been doing classes with Tanya for a few months now and am feeling so alive, focused and strong. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so different so quickly. I can’t wait for class days – it means I’m spending time on making myself a better mum, wife and human being. And I am doing it alongside a fantastic bunch of class mates. I have 10 months to go until the big 4-0 and I can’t wait – I know it’s going to be good….and very, very happy!

Michelle Offerman – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tanya’s approach to living is unlike any I have come across. To say what she has taught me has been life changing is an understatement. She has shown me that food gives life and that it should be celebrated; that one should never feel guilt about food; that your body needs to be loved by you; and that there is another level of consciousness that we are mostly unaware of, but that has a huge impact on how we live. So many health issues that I learnt to live with have been totally eradicated. I’ve become addicted to Tanya’s enthusiasm. She is professional, comprehensive and meticulous. This is going to be a long process, but I’m making small changes all the time towards a healthier me. For the first time in many years, I’m not wishing for my twenty year-old body back because I understand that I can be better than that – physically and spiritually. I’ve learnt to listen to my body. Thank you Tanya!

Catherine Van Der Wolf – Cape Town, South Africa

Having suffered from several illnesses during my life – many leading to hospitalisation – I was willing to try anything that might allow me to lead a ‘normal’ life. I spoke to a friend who’d been a client of Tanya’s and had experienced positive results, so I thought I’d see what she could offer me.I’m so glad I did! Five months after starting with her, I hadn’t once been admitted to hospital, which is fantastic. I’ve also been able to reduce my medication drastically and have developed a better outlook on life, which has given me a complete confidence boost. I’ve tried so many diets in the past, none of which worked, particularly since I’ve always been on so much medication. Since working with Tanya and eating correctly, I’ve lost two stone and feel fantastic. Instead of this being a ‘diet’, it’s become a way of life. Everyone who knows me comments on how well I’m looking – not just weight-wise, but also that I have a certain “glow” about me.

Philly Greenwood – London, England

When I first started with Tanya I had no confidence in my ability to get any better; I just didn’t want to get any worse. After two years, I feel like a completely different person and although that might seem like a long journey, it has to be said that I was very resistant to change. What I enjoyed about her approach is that she wasn’t at all ‘hard sell’, and she didn’t treat me like a baby – she gently insisted that I take responsibility for my own decisions, reiterated the benefits of eating well when I didn’t, and encouraged me to simply start again when my motivation and commitment faltered. What she’s done is re-educate me about how my body can feel – well, strong, and energised. I needed to change the way I lived my life, and she helped me do just that.

Susie Tinsley – London, England

I’ve worked with Tanya as my ‘Nutrition Coach’ specifically to help me get my energy levels up. As a businesswoman and mom of three, I certainly need all the energy I can get. When Tanya introduced me to increasing my fat intake, I thought I was either going to be dead in a month, or feel fabulous. Well, the results are just astounding! This is the most energy I’ve ever had, my skin looks great and my hair is a lot thicker. My friends have commented that I’m glowing and want to know what’s going on. For the first time in my life, my hormones have stabilised and I’m feeling absolutely great. Oh, and let me just say that my husband is also really happy!

Judy Janse van Rensburg – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I am writing to thank you. With your advice and some perseverance, I’ve adopted the 16 hour fast rule. Having tried everything else, for the first time in 2 years since I became peri-menopausal, my weight is finally heading back to my ideal. Interestingly, I also seem to be sleeping better! Thank you so much for all the advice you imparted a few weeks back. I really am most grateful and found your sessions inspiring and interesting. 

Karen Dalby – London, England

I was a classic case of ‘always eating, always hungry’. I realised that I couldn’t carry on with my out-of-control eating habits, but couldn’t face yet another yo-yo round of diet deprivation either. I found Tanya’s website by chance and was immediately struck by her positivity and intelligence. With her help, I’ve broken my addiction to sugary foods and now have new eating habits which are really enjoyable. I’ve also made other positive changes to my life. Tanya’s focus is on health, not weight. There’s no weighing or measuring of bodies or food, which is great, although I slightly regret not having weighed myself at the start because I really have lost a lot of weight. Thank you Tanya, for putting me on the right track.

Anne Dollery – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I met Tanya about a year ago at a charity breakfast where she was a speaker. I was very impressed and so last year I joined her for strength classes. I’ve never looked back since! I wasn’t overweight but needed to tone my body. Tanya had the best combination of nutrition and exercise programmes for my needs. I’ve lost 3 kgs and my posture and balance has improved tremendously. I even went down a size on my pants and for the first time I’m very comfortable in tights. I have more energy than ever and feel good about my general condition and health! I can highly recommend Tanya as the best health coach I’ve ever met! And she has abs to die for!

Marlene Burger – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I started with Tanya last year and haven’t looked back. I saw her write-ups on Facebook and she was an instant inspiration to me – not only from a physical point of view. She has a very healthy, sustainable philosophy on healthy living and eating; she doesn’t believe in diets – instead she recommends a more moderate approach.

I’ve consistently done exercise from the age of twenty. I never enjoyed school sport, but loved spinning classes, power-pump and training overall. Since starting with Tanya I’ve improved my posture and learnt so much when it comes to doing exercise correctly. She treats each of her clients individually, gives us personal attention and there are plenty of laughs and fun too. I’m a very happy client. Thanks T! 

Leeanne Nel – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Until I started working with Tanya I’d never stepped foot inside a gym! I was lacking confidence and self-esteem and felt pretty overawed by such a body-conscious environment. My fears were completely allayed by Tanya’s professional, friendly approach. We set sensible, realistic targets that felt very achievable, which of course motivated me hugely. What was particularly notable, was that she gave me no false hopes around how and by when, I could achieve my proposed goals – total honesty and transparency meant I was able to commit with a very clear idea of the outcome.

I started looking forward to my training sessions and although it took a little time to see results (I’d been inactive for many years), when they did happen, they were fantastic and affected me both physically – through weight loss, increased muscle tone, improved posture, general body-shape change and heightened body awareness – and mentally – through increased confidence, self-esteem and well-being. It was as if I’d bought myself a whole new me!

I’m truly grateful to Tanya for helping me to achieve all this. She displayed total commitment, was consistent in her approach, offered great warmth and friendliness and above all, is the consummate professional. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve health and physical wellbeing.

Leonie Fallstrom – London, England

I first heard about Tanya by word of mouth – always a good indicator – and what I had heard struck a chord. I wasn’t sure what to expect except that I knew I wanted better results in the gym and to learn to eat in a way that my body would respond to. I found the very first session such a good platform to start on, that I just wanted to keep going back to discover more simple and effective tips on nutrition and lifestyle! The sessions are really tailored to each person and their individual eating patterns and habits and I could always report an improvement in each area I tackled with Tanya. It’s an enjoyable, pain-free discovery of oneself! 

Whatever level you’re at in your knowledge of nutrition, there’s always something new to learn. I really enjoy that I can freely eat biltong and so many of the other foods I craved but thought I wasn’t supposed to eat. My craving for carbs and junk food has almost totally disappeared; I feel so much more alert, energised and ‘together’, and am able to last much longer at work, mainly thanks to more fats and oils. At gym I’m bulking up nicely with the natural protein and whey foods I’ve been consuming. My skin has also cleared up! 

Just like gym and a lot of other things in life, nutrition is a lifelong journey, and I’ll continue to bring together all the basic elements in day-to-day life. The biggest thing I’ve learned from Tanya is to love what you eat, try new things and enjoy life. 

Andrew Reed – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’ve struggled with my weight since I had my children, so that makes it around ten years now. I tried all sorts of diets and had short term results; I was hungry all the time and always stressing about what, and what not, to eat. After a few sessions with Tanya, I’m glad to say I’m now in a very happy place. No more worrying about meal times or about eating that piece of cake now and then, and the weight is slowly going in the right direction. What a positive change this has made in my life. Thank you Tanya for your support and understanding, even through the tears!

Elizna Parsons – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It was really helpful meeting with you. What’s working well is to establish a weekly meal plan and then shop for ingredients over the weekend. My 15-year-old daughter has been enjoying the odd unhealthy snack too, and is going a lot easier on herself. She’s been using the school gym facilities 2-3 times a week in addition to her winter sport of netball. From an emotional-psychological point of view, I am very proud of how she seems to have a more balanced viewpoint on food. I’m also buying more organic products, free-range chicken and using full-cream milk (still hard for me to embrace this). So thank you once again for your input and help. A great investment of our money and time to talk with you and something I have even recommended to others.

Linda Blandford – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

As a teenager, I had two desires with regards my body – to have more hair and to be heavier! Somehow I thought that would make me more of a MAN! Age sorted out the first (and isn’t stopping) and carbs and gravity sorted out the second. I did get heavier; around my gut and not the upper body. Those extra 10 – 13kg have been with me for nearly 3 decades. Following Tanya’s approach led me to lose 8 of those within 8 weeks. Tanya didn’t massage my ego, she didn’t flagellate my conscience, there was no magic formula, no bootcamp torture routine. Though it was an arm wrestle on giving up breakfast! A mix of approaches designed specifically around my body, and being guided through the jungle of health information has given me back an old friend. My body. My happy body.  It turns out it was never about weight; it was about reconnecting to me. I missed me. I walk a little taller. I move a little easier. The hair? Well even Tanya has limitations…

Gary Koekemoer – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It’s still early days but I do think my daughter has become a little more aware of what’s going into her mouth and is making better choices. She doesn’t feel restricted at all which makes it easier for her. That’s all I wanted. She told me she’s dropped about 1.5kg and that she can feel the difference through her school belt. This is great because she can see results without any pain. Her stomach is less bloated too. 

Mom of teenager – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I was encouraged to strengthen my core and start exercising as a last alternative to having major back surgery for an agonising and extremely debilitating injury. I spent several years doing muscle rehabilitation work with Tanya’s former partner, Stuart, progressing from being unable to get out of bed in the morning because of the extreme and constant pain, to leading a fully functional, pain-free and very active life. I then started attending Tanya’s classes and have enjoyed every minute of every class! The personal attention and encouragement from Tanya is great and her absolute passion for what she does is clearly evident and is totally inspiring. The energy and friendly camaraderie within the class motivates me to push myself that little bit further each day and the results are already starting to show. Now in my forties, I’m feeling stronger, fitter and leaner than I ever have. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and, incredibly, I never did have that back surgery.

Julia Mukheibir – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Over the past couple of years I struggled with my weight, which ballooned to 105kg, so I decided to join a gym and began working with a personal trainer. After a really busy period at work I started having problems with my eating habits so my trainer suggested I see Tanya to discuss my nutrition. On meeting her, I was immediately taken by her positive attitude towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After a discussion regarding my existing eating habits, Tanya quickly put in place a simple dietary plan to put me back on track. 

Within a short period of time changes became quite apparent and have actually been very dramatic – not just from a physical standpoint but in my mental attitude too. After further discussion with Tanya, I added some supplements to my plan and this has given me a new lease on life. At 46, I’m starting to feel happy within myself. I cannot thanks Tanya enough for her simple approach to nutrition and wellness, and for helping me change my lifestyle and learn to appreciate and love myself.

Lloyd Grose – London, England

I’ve been in the fitness industry close to twenty years and have a fair amount of muscle mass, and don’t drop weight easily. I went to see Tanya as I needed to lose about 3kg to stay within my weight category in my chosen sport. Her ideas were super controversial to me (lol, I argued about every aspect with her), BUT hers is the ONLY eating approach that’s given me the results I wanted. Even when my training drops due to sickness or injury, I still maintain my weight and can “cheat” without it affecting me. Thanks Tanya!

Tharene Windsor – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Firstly, let me convey my appreciation for the great sessions and topics you shared with us – it was a real mind opener. I must also say that the way you look was a motivation; a true reflection that you know and live what you’re talking about! The way you structured your presentations and thoroughly explained the extent of how some foods harm/help our bodies was a rude awakening. It was these awakenings that made me think twice about my health and what I put into my body and the bonus of it all is that I lost weight in the process. 

My main supporter was my husband – he made it much easier for me to change the way I eat because he was so determined (and I didn’t want to be the fat unhealthy wife while he lost all the weight and looked good).

Lastly, the important things I learnt were that the right knowledge is key; the right mindset channels a good attitude and helps you make good decisions; and that drinking water regularly makes everything all right at the end of the day!

Nombasa Mgijima – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I just want to thank you for the advice you’ve been giving me. Meeting you was a blessing because now I feel leaner, stronger and full of energy and never loved living healthy like I do now! My condition is improving and every week I see results. Many people used to recommend a quick fix for getting lean, but that wouldn’t last forever and you opened my eyes to the fact that it’s better to invest in a body that will last long term in a condition that is natural and better looking. Thank you very much – one day when I’m a world champ, it will be because of you.

Vuyolwethu Mkhencele – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Why do I need a lifestyle and nutrition coach? That was my question a year ago. Little did I realise the time, effort, energy and support I would be given by Tanya. I was far too busy with the commitment of work to think about my health or lifestyle – I had sleep problems with a head that was whizzing with thoughts and as a consequence constantly felt exhausted. I knew my dietary pattern was poor but tended to ignore it as I had no major health problems. Tanya helped me realise and – more importantly – DO something about my lifestyle in an encouraging and supportive way and her mentoring had a hugely positive impact on my family too! 
Time was taken in the early stages to understand what I wanted to achieve (and what had prevented me from doing so up until now). She was meticulous in her attention to detail, giving me numerous relevant and unbiased academic papers to read, which helped me understand about nutrition in a more balanced, sound way. These sessions were my ‘sanctuary’ …I enjoyed them very much and learnt a great deal about myself as a consequence.

Now I feel positive and prepared both mentally and physically to take on whatever the future may have ready for me – so my heartfelt thanks to Tanya for her continued enlightenment, encouragement, patience and complete professionalism. 

Margaret Duggan – Bedford, England

I was in Switzerland a few weeks ago, and while there, let it all hang out. I stuffed myself with breads, beer, brakwurst, chocolate – you name it – from morning ‘til night I ate and drank.  Needless to say that within two weeks the weight was right up! It’s been three weeks since my return and I started your ‘no breakfast’ plan the day I arrived back. Today I was exactly 4kg down from my return weight. I might add that this includes (yes, my bad) no strenuous exercise – the only exercise I do is a 30 minute walk with my dogs every day, and this is no sweat breaker. I’ve never been a big exercise person, so this new structure is really working for me. I watch what I eat – only proteins, fats and salads with a few veggies like carrots and gems every few nights. I’m currently back to the lowest I’ve ever weighed, but would really like to push for the last 3kg to prove to myself that I can achieve my ideal weight. Thank you for all your help and advice! Who would have thought NO BREAKFAST! 

Nicola Schwim – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I attended one of your workshops recently, as I wanted to find out more about the “no breakfast” method. I started last week Monday with no breakfast in the mornings, eating at about midday/1.00pm. As I eat healthily anyway, I didn’t make any other changes. The first day I felt slightly nauseous at about 10.00am, but nothing serious. I’m not as hungry late afternoon/at night anymore either, because I have a good meal at lunch time. It’s amazing what it has done to my body already, in just over a week. I’m losing weight, especially around the tummy and hips. The best thing is that I’m feeling good! I’m glad I’ve adopted this routine. Thank you for all your advice.

Marion Raupert – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

As a keen sportsman always spending time in the gym, I got married and started further studies that minimised my time for training. At 39, I started struggling to run after the kids and began to feel uncomfortable in my own body. Something had to be done. I joined the Wellness programme at work and, thanks to the help of Tanya, started to make lifestyle changes. She explained to us that no fad diet would give one long term results. I started by cutting my sugar from 4 teaspoons per coffee to two, and dropped from 6 cups to 3 per day; I started to eat as she suggested – until full, not stuffed. More butter in my food and fasting in the morning also helped a lot. I continued to lose weight and gain lean muscle through good old-fashioned weight training. I’ve lost 7.41% body fat and my weight has gone from 78.3kg to 72.5kg. I feel great and want to thank Tanya once again for all the motivation and wonderful information. Best of all is that she’s living proof of what she preaches! Thank you Tanya.

Mark Lobar – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’d like to thank Tanya for helping me finally fit back into my favourite jeans. It was a long and sometimes difficult journey that took lots of patience and mindset changes on my part, and a LOT of guidance and understanding from Tanya. It’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix… and I still LIVE my life AND eat chocolate :-). My aim is not to be skinny, but to be healthy and happy. Always a work in progress, but with a positive mind and balance in all aspects, my body is feeling happier. Thank you!

Raylene Derman – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I first made an appointment with Tanya when I reached an all-time low – stressed out by my City job, suffering insomnia and painful IBS – and was greatly reassured that she not only offered a comprehensive, professional and efficient service, but that this was delivered with words of encouragement and sensitivity. Two months later I noticed a 50% improvement in my health, and this upward trend continued thereafter. I’d definitely recommend the holistic approach that Tanya uses, and urge anybody who settles for anything less than perfect health to think again.

Rachel Willis – London, England

I started Tanya’s classes three months ago. Well – all I can say is that I feel great! I’ve never really been an exercise person, but I think I’ve found something that is fun, and I didn’t realise I was progressing so quickly (my body fat percentages have dropped – my body is happily changing). Tanya is very technical and she guides you with explanations that make sense. I’m doing things I thought I’d never be able to do – from head stands to push ups. In conjunction with the nutritional advice from Tanya, I’ve never felt healthier, fitter and happier. I never want to stop! Thanks T.

Janet Ayerst – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I want to thank you. The session topics you offered were interesting, powerful, and have had a great impact on results. I never thought I’d be able to do intermittent fasting until you introduced me to it – it’s been about four weeks now and I’m still going strong. My success recipe was cardio training in the morning, fasting until 12pm and then low carbs with protein. Initially I had to try and kill the habit of not going to the gym and my mindset had to be channeled properly. Also my high blood pressure was alarming, but it’s dropping significantly. When I started I weighed 142kg and I’m now 124kg – losing 18kg over a period of 3.5 months. Thanks again Tanya!

Xolani Mgijima – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you so much for accepting our invitation to speak. It was a difficult session as the managers had been busy all morning and so attention levels were down and heads were lolling. You did a sterling job though and I received positive feedback from everyone.

Grace Mamolefi Makhaza, Transnet Port Terminals – South Africa

The parents are still raving about your ADHD presentation and cannot get over how inspiring you were to them. Keep up the good work and thank you once more!

Yolokazi Ndlondlo – Masifunde Learner Development, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’m a mom of twins, aged 2 ½, and I had not slept through one night since birth! I used to get up at least six times a night. After adapting their diet in line with what Tanya recommended, I had immediate results. The twins are sleeping beautifully now – I still get the odd night where they might wake up once, but never more than that. I am forever grateful for the change Tanya has made in our lives … I only regret I didn’t meet her sooner! 

Marlise Truter – NMMU Business School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I found that your corporate wellness course material was insightful and entertaining, which made it a memorable experience. Each week, I found myself learning more about myself and took into consideration the suggestions you offered to better develop myself and grow as a person. You are a professional in your field and were able to portray this throughout the course. You captivated the groups and included class participation. The students were all talking about what they learned and left the class motivated to try new things and adjust their lifestyles. The services you offer are professional and insightful. I have learnt a great deal and will continue to change my body and develop my mind. 

Terence Scheinberg – NMMU Business School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

When I took part in the VWSA challenge, I thought it was going to be another ‘diet’ thing where you’re told low fat, fat free, etc. But when I listened to your sessions and the way you explained how our bodies function and what they need, I was interested and saw that I was not going to have to miss out on my fat. Lol. I have taken the tools you gave us home and have been slowly introducing the family to clean eating. Thank you for everything. 

Nosipho Mabandlela – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I love the fact that I have better posture and that I can now activate my butt and ab muscles. My body feels far more aligned and now – when I run – my knees are in line with my feet (which means I’m stronger in my hips). With all this, my imbalances have gone out the window, and so have any aches. And all this achieved in a ‘fun’ environment. Who needs Ironman now? THANK YOU Tanya!

Adele van der Venter – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It’s been nearly two years since I met Tanya. I worked for Ten UK at the time, and she helped me make some huge changes to my lifestyle and eating habits – the first and only person who ever told me not to snack on apples! I wanted to say thank you again, as my decision to stop being a vegetarian (based on what you told me about my metabolic type) has been a positive changing point for me.

Gaby – London, England

I’d like to say thank you for the time you spent here at VWSA. I’ve learned so much and lost almost 10kg during both challenges this year, and lowered my cholesterol from very high to normal. Without your sessions it wouldn’t have been possible as I was eating all the wrong stuff. My family and I are on the path to a greener and healthier lifestyle and we’ve made great headway already. So once again thank you for the part you played.

Maré Van Der Mescht – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I went to Tanya not expecting much, but after we met I tried out the ‘no breakfast’ approach and increased my fats. Wow, what a difference it’s made in my life!  I don’t think about food the whole time anymore. Tanya has changed my whole outlook on food.

Sonel Van Den Berg – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your interesting and dynamic talk at the Businesswomen’s Association function on Tuesday. It was good to hear a balanced view as there is so much ‘Banting talk’ going on and you effectively echoed my view on the debate.

Mary van Eck – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I can vouch for this way of life. My only regret is that it took so long to understand how weight should be gained or lost. Why starve yourself on a diet when you can be happy and fulfilled on a high fat diet, a diet which actually works, which quite easily becomes a way of life? The changes I’ve seen in my family from a weight loss and an emotional perspective have been amazing – focused, calmer, leaner and feeling a lot more healthy.

Janine Meyburgh – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you for everything you’ve shared. It was worth the downtime at the office and the possible repercussions for my loud laughter AND lazing in the sun while I have heaps of work on my desk!

Laverne Williams – NMMU Business School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tanya Wyatt is amazing! I lost almost 15 kg and my body is happy and I am never hungry. I highly recommend her.

Yolanda Vermeulen – Johannesburg, South Africa

Thanks once again for taking the time to speak to the girls today; your talk was very well received. The girls found it very informative and it gave them a great deal to think about.

Derryk Jordan – Collegiate Girls High School Deputy Principal, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’ve taken your advice about using weights rather than just doing cardio-based exercises and indeed, you were right! I can so see a difference. Thank you for the good advice.

Pieter Boshoff – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’m a business IT professional and father of two young children. I found that the pressures of work and parenting made it impossible for me to keep my weight at a personally acceptable level, despite trying exercise and various diets. After seeing Tanya, and following her very simple, yet clearly effective advice, I’ve dropped body weight by 10% over a period of 8 weeks and am 4kgs away from my high school athletic weight. I’ve no doubt that within the next 8 weeks I’ll reach that ideal number and have a much happier body for it. Thank you Tanya, I truly didn’t think it could be this simple!

Sean Martin – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you for your professional and uncomplicated way of dealing with life and nutrition.  Your knowledge, encouragement and positive attitude gave me the tools to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I feel calmer, mentally more alert and my energy levels have increased tenfold. The added bonus is a fabulous loss of 6.5kg.

Sharon Gravett – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I took my daughter to Tanya because she wanted to learn how to eat correctly. After three months we left Tanya’s rooms with a wealth of knowledge on how to eat healthier and with all the necessary tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. It was quite a shock to realise just how little knowledge we had on a host of health issues. Thank you, Tanya, for enlightening us and encouraging Candice.  

Merle Millar – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I started doing the high fat/low carb diet in April and have lost 8kg in 2 ½ months.  Blood results show that my liver is no longer fatty, my kidneys are functioning well and my sugar is controlled. All this, with no snacking, no hunger, and plenty of energy.  I’m concentrating on ME now. I was a serious sugar addict!

Client – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’ve tried so many different diets in the past, none of which worked for me and I was always hungry. After my sessions with Tanya I find I don’t think about food the whole time; I have lost, and am still losing, weight and don’t feel guilty about the chocolate and fudge treats.  Thank you very much. 

Joan Shinn – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’ve lost 4kg following your advice to cut carbs, and increase fats – which sounded weird to me at the time. Overall I’m feeling better, more comfortable in my clothes, not missing the carbs at all and enjoying the fat :-).  So thanks for the help.

Anthony Keogh – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’m 80 years old and had suffered from cramps pretty much all of my life until reading The Happy Body article on the importance of good quality salt and water in the diet.  Since taking daily Himalayan Crystal salt, my cramps have effectively disappeared. I can’t believe I went through life without realizing there was such a simple solution!

Mr Williams – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Amazing changes happened in my life since doing Tanya’s programme. From a bloated, unhappy, adrenally-exhausted person, always eating, eating, the whole day long, to a happy person, where mind, body and spirit are balanced as one. Content, happy, positive and energetic. Thank you so much!

Del-Rio du Plessis – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Tanya has encouraged me and taught me to believe in myself. She’s shown me how to lead a much healthier lifestyle without constantly stressing about food. In the process I learnt so much about my body and how it functions. Thank you so much, Tanya!

Candice Millar – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thank you for the tips you gave me at the end of last year at an NMMU conference. Even though I didn’t follow every bit of advice religiously, I found myself 15kgs lighter! I doubt I could have done this without your advice and your Facebook page. Thank you once again.

Sanelisiwe Ntabeni – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

We’ve been attending classes for around five months now and there have been definite changes in our bodies. We’ve seen muscles developing as we’ve learnt to activate different muscles groups and this has resulted in building both our strength and stamina. Classes are interactive and Tanya is hands-on with assisting and guiding us where needed.

Margie Kemp and Quintin Fisher – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It’s going very well with my eating and exercise programmes. The added fats definitely help with fullness and I’m feeling much more energised with the intermittent fasting.

Elize Botha – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The kids are getting used to not eating bread, which I think is the biggest adjustment. They even told their granny, who visited over lunchtime, that they don’t eat ‘that unhealthy stuff’ anymore! I’ve been researching lots of recipes and we’re getting creative. They don’t miss sweets and biscuits and no longer ask for them. We’re adjusting well and it’s been a fundamental change in the way we see food – a good change.

Kelsey Kalogeropoulos – Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Thanks again for your valuable and interesting sessions. I always knew my blood pressure was suspect but with this lifestyle challenge I started using my medication regularly and eating much more healthily. Thanks for reminding us of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle – my blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol are very much under control now. 

Christo Klue – VWSA, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I’d like to thank The Happy Body team for the profound changes in my body and life. When I first came to them, I was injured and lethargic about life. I presented them with the immediate goal of restoring function and motion to an injured left shoulder, with spring golfing in mind. I was also keen to regain the muscle tone that I’d lost in my arms from a debilitating spinal condition that had sent me to neurosurgery twice in 6 months.  I expected to have a short-term fix – little did I realize that we had so much work to do together and that it would be so rewarding! 

They started with the basics – and there were aches and pains and setbacks along the way, but gradually we started to see results and that was so motivating. With their help I set my goal and actually reached it – to be fitter at fifty than I’d been at forty – and to keep going! 
They then took me to a level of fitness I never knew existed. They’ve been tough task-masters at times and maddeningly picky in their attention to detail. But I understand and appreciate the importance of this and I live and breathe the results of their relentless honesty in making me as fit and functional as I can be. My benchmarks are subtle but I know I’m fit and strong when people I’ve known for years comment on how great I look.

They’re an extraordinary team grounded in hard work, technical expertise and integrity. God willing, we’ll be working together for a long time.

Sarah Solmssen – London, England

At the risk of sounding like a cliché and undermining what they do, The Happy Body team have the ability to transform your life. They won’t mislead you with false promises of a quick and easy miracle cure, but if you’re prepared to invest the time and effort to work with them (and be warned that some of their solutions are not always easy), their quite exceptional attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism, pragmatism and friendliness will give you the tools and opportunity to affect profound and fundamental changes – mentally and physically. This is a very impressive team. So much so, in fact, that despite moving overseas I still make the effort to see them for regular ‘check ups’ whenever I’m in London.

James Liddiard – New York/London

In the ten months I’ve been working with The Happy Body team their combination of highly focused exercises and remedial massage techniques have not only relieved my periodic debilitating back pains, but have afforded me the mechanism to restore my composure and balance, particularly during periods of intense work-related stress. Their insights into the effects of my past eating and lifestyle habits, together with their recommendations for change, have resulted in an almost immediate increase in my physical energy levels. These visible improvements have prompted both my CEO, and a close friend, to seek their assistance as well and this is why I can heartily endorse their practice.

EF, MD Property Development Group – London, England

I’ve been in a constant state of ‘dis-ease’ for the past 17 years, ostensibly from an old track injury. Having tried about a dozen traditional and non-tradition rehabilitation therapies with little success, I had frankly become sceptical about my own prognosis. That all changed when I started my programme with The Happy Body team three months ago. I’ve been overwhelmed by their holistic understanding of the body, especially at the physical and nutritional levels, and now have a renewed sense of confidence about achieving my personal goal of a healthy, active and centred lifestyle.

Paul Sandford – London, England

I’ve worked with The Happy Body on various projects. It’s the amazing results they achieved with my wife for her back problems that have astounded me. She suffered for four years with pain in her back, head and neck on a daily basis. After a combination of massage, training and education my wife is fighting fit and hasn’t suffered since.

Hiten Thaker – London, England


Through my unique perspective, I hope to offer you a refreshing, informative, motivating and non-punitive approach to leanness and health. A perspective that will help you achieve a beautiful, vibrant, toned body; a strong sense of self-love; and a mindset that is positive, open and flexible – in a long-lasting, rewarding, and enjoyable manner. 

we're camels

As the proverb goes, it’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. These days we’re carrying plenty of straws, but how many can we handle before the camel – our immune system – is toast? Managing the straws gives the camel leeway. We all get stressed periodically, but if most of the time the camel isn’t affected by the load, it can take a little pressure some of the time without falling apart. Knowledge is key: this is where I see my value when it comes to helping my clients experience great energy, health and wellbeing. I’m the veritable camel whisperer!

sometimes / most-times

Like cars, our bodies need ‘petrol’, oil, and water to run well. Mostly, we should eat for the ‘car’ (healthful foods). But we’re human, so have emotional needs that may require different fuel – not great for fuelling the car, but give us bliss and satisfaction in the moment. Clearly, a good diet is the bedrock of health, but there’s power in happiness and bliss. It’s what you do most of the time that counts. If your car is consistently maintained, there won’t be any problem taking it for a joy ride some of the time. It gives you the flexibility to have your cake and eat it. Literally!

get off the wagon

Our exercise and eating habits have become a “wagon” to many of us. Be more disciplined! No pain, no gain! Just do it! When we fall off we go overboard in the opposite direction, then climb back on the wagon, only to repeat the routine. My deep work with clients isn’t about measuring success through weight loss, or achieving an activity goal. It’s about letting go of being “perfect” and embracing the body they’re in at that moment. The only sure way not to fall off the wagon is by not getting on it in the first place!

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